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Plumbing Repair Services

CSI: Plumbing Repairs Michigan


CSI: Chris's Sewer Inspection Technicians are sewer cleaning experts!  When dealing with a main sewer drain filled with roots or a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain, our highly skilled plumbers and top of the line sewer machines will get the job done right. When you are dealing with a backed up sewer, you need to choose a plumber with experience. Our plumbers are able to help you maintain a drain with regular maintenance or offer you options if a repair is required.


A lot of historical or older homes will still have galvanized water pipes in them.  Re-piping  of your house is when we can either replace your old pipes or bypasses them with a new water system.  Galvanized pipes will begin to rust as they get older and if your finding rusty colored water coming from your faucet that is one of the first warnings that you might need a re-pipe.   Rust can build up in your pipes and also can cause a reduction in water flow dropping your water pressure from your faucet.  

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Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning can be your solution to a clogged drain!

Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to clean out drains.  This is an alternative method to regular snaking or rooting in some cases.  Hydro jetting uses very high pressure water streams to cut through clogs and blockages in sewer drains, area yard drains and storm drains.  With  hydro jetting we can cut through the toughest debris and stoppages where grease, food waste or debris are present.  Hydro jetting can also be effective in resolving odor issues in drains with heavy debris or grease build-up. Call us to discuss your drain cleaning issues and the experienced professionals at CSI: Chris's Sewer Inspection will help you choose the method that's right for your drain cleaning problem and budget.  We’re here to help!


Clogs, Repairs & Installations

If you have a problem toilet that always seems to clog, run or lack flushing power or if you need any sort of toilet repair or replacement CSI is here to help!


Chances are garbage disposals are one of the most used appliances in your home. The impellers, which rotate at nearly 2,000 RPM, liquefy food waste and send it to a wastewater treatment plant or septic tank. The main signs of a malfunctioning garbage disposal are clogged disposal drains, leaks underneath the disposal, or jammed objects between the impeller and drain hole. Our qualified, friendly technicians at CSI will save you time and money and have your garbage disposal working again in no time.


Most people don't ever worry about their water heater until the day arrives that that morning shower is  frightfully cold .  This might happen because someone else has used the hot water already or possibly one of your heating elements are faulty. If your hot water heater is running out of hot water too quickly it's most likely that one of the heating elements are bad. Your water heater should last you around ten to fifteen years of life before corrosion settles in.   One thing that can shorten the life of your water heater is the buildup of sediment.   In areas that have "hard water" you should periodically have your water heater flushed, even up to once a year.   This will keep the amount of mineral buildup down and your water heater working efficiently. Call CSI for repair or replacement of your water heater.

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